We have a brand new range of 

unique, modern wall lighting sconces, which enhance the personality of the space they illuminate.


Using our own patented design technique, we create unique,

one piece artworks and feature lighting from solid steel. 

All pieces are designed by metal artist Joro, whose works have sold for over £10,000.

All designs are created at our studio in Greater London, England and are sent

to our factories in UK and USA for production. 


Each steel portrait design is cut as 1 piece of solid metal and retains rigidity throughout the structure. 

They are supplied with wall mounts which allow the artworks to sit 5cm (2inches) off the wall

and make use of light and shadow to create a 3D effect

We work freehand or from digital images provided by our clients, so you can choose something from our range of designs or you can opt to have a piece custom made with a subject matter

that has a personal connection. Prices for custom pieces are on request. 


Whether you opt for something from our existing catalogue or want your chosen subject to be a family portrait or a cherished automobile, beloved animal or iconic landmark,

Steel Portraits provide a unique, stylish and creative solution for that interior or exterior wall space.


Our designs have been seen in magazines such as Elle Decoration,

IDFX, Professional Photographer and Wallpaper.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or click to order directly from our store.


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